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Well shucks…

Inexplicably, that wonderful blog, Once Upon a Screen has nominated The Baz for this 7X7 award thingy. I’m honored anyone would think this tragic little squee-haven worthy of any accolade and I’m following suit to the tune of nominating my own seven choices for Amazing Blog. But we’ve only been going since late June and I think I literally don’t have enough posts to fill all the categories, so I’m just too junior to take part in that bit. If there was a Most Rathboney category I’d be a shoo-in but I’m not gonna pretend I have a “most beautiful” or most anything else post at this stage.

But anyhow, here are seven impressive movie blogs I would nominate for any award going:

On a different subject…

People will be interested to know that the Baz (our Basil) is featured in the latest edition of Nostalgia Digest

The Autumn 2012 issue of Nostalgia Digest is back from the printer and ready for reading, with a cover story about the great Basil Rathbone, a salute to the late Ray Bradbury, and much more — including the complete schedule for our two weekly radio shows, Those Were the Days and Radio’s Golden Age…”

Why not tootle over and see what it’s all about.


  1. rosebette says

    Congratulations on the nomination. I must admit, your site and TCM are the two I visit daily. Greenbriar is my other favorite film site. Here are some suggestions — Most Beautiful – Judas (the photo and close-up are stunners) or the National Gallery, Most Controversial – Judas or Candids II, Most Helpful – the Matzen interview, Most popular — you probably have the stats on that from number of posts and views, most prideful piece – Love from a Stranger — really clever! Most underrated – what did you work the hardest on, but got the fewest views?


  2. Katoodlel Lolly says

    BTW, I bought the winter 2011-2012 issue at my Barnes and Noble during Christmastime, so I bet anyone could find it at their local BN, instead of subscribing to every issue.
    Will go get it on Wednesday! Can’t wait! I love you Beloved-BAZ!


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