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with, without or either?

Inspired by a recent tweet-exchange with the wonderful Sherlockian David Stuart Davies, I present the ultimate question for Baz fans everywhere….



  1. Bazlover says

    The package in that Zorro pic is almost indecent. Zoom in and you might be able to tell if he was circumcised πŸ˜‰


  2. alex says

    I voted for the Gisbourne beard I just watched “TAoRH”, he and Errol are things of beauty forever in it!


  3. Lucy says

    beleave it or not i like older mr rathbone, i watched him in the black sleep and he is very sexy in an older man way


    • Alex says

      i think he remained an attractive man to the end of bis life, but he was at his most lovely in the 1940s when as a man he seemed to come into his looks and was in his prime if you know what I mean


    • embechtel says

      very much agee about his sexiness ! older or not.i can recall a scene{in the black sleep} where he is holding his wife.she is comatose and he has her in his arms on the stairs.he gently nuzzles her with his cheek.
      this made me feel more sympathetic towards his character ,inspite of his actions.


      • Nelly says

        Basil is the sexiest Holmes by a mile. The way he looks at the women is so sexual sometimes. Like the brunette in Dressed to Kill. h eyes her up and down and it makes your toes curl. Ooft what wouldn’t you give for him to eye you like that? Why wasn’t I around in the ’40s! I want a time machine!!!


  4. Vienna Sausage says

    I think the out takes of him fencing with Flynn are almost hotter than the finished film, sorry bit OT, but I do


    • Caramel Kitten says

      out takes? there are out takes? I want to see them! Are they on the DVD?


  5. Holly says

    I want to be able to vote for the Captain Blood look – the flowing hair and the flowing shirt. Unfi


  6. Honestly, as long as naked with me on a deserted Caribbean beach with a lot of sun tan lotion and a big bottle of rum isn’t an option, I’ll take whatever I can get


  7. OhYouNastyMan says

    Pphhhwarrrr….ooh missus…agree with Odette – those pants are bulging very nicely indeed.


  8. Odette says

    Wow, that Zorro pic! Helloooo sir, do you have a package for me? πŸ˜‰

    Needless to say I voted for tight white pants


    • carolinapantherfan says

      how did they get away with the genital displays he and Tyrone Power are doing?


  9. Katoodlel Lolly says

    Though I voted,”cute little Gisbourned beard”, to be quite truthful, I love him anyway he looks, preferably with a moustache, but anyway, The Baz is beautiful! Thanks for reading!


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