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Sherlock Holmes Week Day V

Here’s Baz in that great moment from The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes where he not only sings, but dances a bit and does it all while wearing a false nose.  (Can’t say he didn’t earn his pay check that day)


  1. Gareth Tweeding says

    Is it true Ernest Pascale drafted a script for The Sign of Four for Twentieth Century Fox which was then never filmed? I have a memory of reading an extract from it that carefully skirted the drug-taking but still featured it very daringly for the time. I remember the author of the book making the comparison between it and the infamous “Watson, the Needle!” line from The Hound of The Baskervilles, and saying it was a continuum of Pascale’s and Fox’s bid to challenge the Code. I am hoping someone here can remember this book and even tell me the name of it?


  2. embechtel says

    i would compare basil rathbone to laurence olivier as an actor.they were both very competent to play a variety of roles .thanks to there classical stage training.


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