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The Best Candids Ever…

Thought I’d do an occasional series of the best candid photos I know of. And to kick off here’s one featuring not just one but two of my heroes – the Baz and the Flynn!

What I love about this – in addition to the two lovely guys – is the way it’s captured a moment in their lives with a kind of documentary honesty that’s quite rare in Hollywood pics, even in candids, and the way the personalities of the three people are being so eloquently expressed. It’s a bit like one of those old master paintings of historical scenes where everyone is frozen in some attitude that tells the story of who they are and what they’re thinking.

And what’s great is the way this story is almost the antithesis of anything you’d expect from their screen roles in the movie they’re in the midst of making. Flynn/Robin Hood, the action hero, is caught, not in his Lincoln Green, but formally dressed in chainmail, his face unguarded and almost shy. Rathbone/Gisborne, the villainous peacock in his flaunting finery, is here scruffy and louchely laid-back. Flynn’s cigarette is a little nervous stub between his fingers, Rathbone’s hangs loosely in his lips like some French movie anti-hero. Flynn is almost apprehensively scanning the picture he’s being shown. Rathbone seems much more obviously at ease, gesturing vaguely at the drawing, talking to the costume guy, who’s smiling broadly back at him as if enjoying a passing joke. Flynn seems a little locked in his own space, Rathbone and the guy are sharing theirs much more openly with each other.

I’m assuming Flynn is tricked out for the jousting scene that was eventually cut, but why is Rathbone wearing that scruffy open-necked shirt? And who exactly is the gentleman in the spectacles? Is he the costume designer? Does anyone know?



  1. Margaret G says

    These are lovely photos. I’m so glad Basil Rathbone has a blog. Will you be covering his stint as Holmes? I still think he is the best Sherlock ever.


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