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Ravin’ Maven’s Musical Baz…

Little bit of Sunday relaxation with this lovely vid from Ravin’ Maven. Boccherini’s Guitar Quintet No.4, Bruce and the Baz – what more can anyone ask?

Visit the Ravin’ Maven’s website at And see a prettier version of this vid at



  1. Roberta says

    How beautiful and adorable and it perfectly captures everything that is so special about Basil as Holmes.


    • Even when it wassaid Baz was bored with the Holmes series,he still gave dang good performances,and I’ve never seen any other actor who can so hold my attention other than Dana Andrews because he looks like my dad.


  2. Carrie Moon says

    This is a lovely video – it flooded me with nostalgia. He really was the perfect Holmes


  3. EmmaWatson says

    Oooooooooh I’m in love with this video. Ravin’ Maven is so brill.


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