Happy New Year

The blog has been quiet lately. Sorry guys, I’ve been sick and all alone except for the cat. I missed a blogathon. Bad blogging person. But here are some stats.

The Baz had around 70,000 visitors this year, from 106 countries!

Average of around 6,000 per month. 200 per day.

That’s pretty cool. Please keep visiting – there’ll be lots of great stuff to come in the New Year.

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56 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Happy new year from me!
    Oh and um, before I forget, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce everyone to keyboard Baz!
    \(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) “Happy new year fangirls! I hope you’re still fangirls next year!”

      • I find keyboard different faces that people make on the internet, keep them in a word document then either copy and paste them or just…make my own.

        For example, this was my reaction when some girls in my English class declared that ‘All black and white movies are boring!’
        o̿ ̭ o̿

      • MIKUFAN—I went on “Sketchfu” to open an account and begin drawing, and I read that they’re SHUTTING IT DOWN on January 30, 2014……DANG!! >:(

        They said it was too expensive to run the site any longer.

        The SAME thing happened to “Flipnote Hatena”, after I’d gotten my Nintendo DSi XL game-player (which had it pre-installed). “Flipnote” allowed the user to draw stuff that could be animated with added sound-effects, on the DSi—then, go online to share their work with a community of other artists. After 5 years of operation, it closed on May 31, 2013. I guess it was considered “obsolete”, or something. A LOT of people were upset about losing this service, and I never even got to use it ONCE! :(

        • They stopped people from signing up ages ago, the real reason they’re closing it is because the site owners have been running another site and putting all their money into that instead of sketchfu.
          \(^_^)/ Now I have over 2000 of my drawings to save! YAY! XD

  2. Happy New Year from Cape Coral! I’m here vacationing with my husband, but we’ll probably end up stranded here or in Fort Myers due to Northeast winter storm. Oh well, the hardships travelers must suffer!

    • It’s not just you travellers!
      The UK got hit by a storm from the South on Christmas eve, over half of my street got evacuated and didn’t actually get a Christmas. ;_; And the roof of a (Really poorly built) Tesco store just out of my town caved in on a few people.
      Oh weather, you really know how to ruin the best times of the year for people! *Thumbs up* (Although it’s okay to snow on schooldays, so please continue to do so. :3)

  3. Happy New Year! Glad your feeling better.”It’s” been going around here abouts. One of our headcashiers has a little girl who got “it” at school and brought it home to share with her mom ,who brought “it’ to work to share with all of us..she and we are now calling it the kindygarten krud.What kind of cat?

    • Symptoms of ‘it’ include turning into a shape shifting clown and going around killing kids, please hand gel your hands on public transport and in the work place to stop ‘it’ from spreading.

      • well nothing our store is located nearby to the town waste treatment plant[yes it smells as bad on hot summer nights as you think it you dont get used to it,yes it does smell in the store at i dont live on that side of town.] so “it” would feel right at home there.As ‘it” seams to spend most of his time down the storm drain. But he would freeze down there tonight low expected to be 2.[no i dont know what that is in celcus?]Wind chill -13.

  4. Now stranded in Cape Coral (near Fort Myers) until Monday evening because we can’t get a flight. Laughed so hard when we learned how long it would be until we could rebook our flights that we unsettled the booking agent. Low 80s and partly sunny. Facial with upper body massage scheduled for this afternoon. :)

    • The Christmas eve storm we’ve got over here in the UK is still here slightly, we’re expecting some hail and snow tomorrow, my parents and I are leaving for London early in the morning, hopefully we’ll get stuck up there for a while due to floods or something! xD

      • all I can say to that is enjoy..swing past Buckingham Palace and kiss my bonnie prince Charlie for me. if you get the chance and Camila isnt looking. Oh and Mon. were expecting a low of -14 and a high[if you can call it that] of 4. I hope your house isnt flooded.Oh and VERRRRRY insitefull Neve,Shocking! how DO you do it??? also it looks like NYC is in line to get smacked with the snow and cold come this week. quick, DUCK.. no not that kind..under the nearest blanket.

    • But it’s not really hot — just in mid 70s to low 80s although today it’s raining and in the 60s, still better than the 23 ” of snow and subfreezing temperatures we would have back in Massachusetts. Yeah, Neener, neener….
      This more than compensates for having the flu before Christmas and struggling with a 5 course teaching load, also the highest number of plagiarisms in my teaching history.

      • Plagiarism isnt it lovely. Friend of mine was a instructer for C.A.P. she sent me one of the esees that she had to grade..The boy was up tp make officer on the strenth of this esee..She just ask me to read it and give her my opinion..not knowing the kid..the first thing i noticed was it didnt sound like a kids wrighting then as i read further it was so clear that it didnt make and reread it it didnt make sence in the middle. in the section where he had to tell how he would handel..ect a problem..he talked around in a circle and never once agve a cohisive answer to the question..turns out he had copy and pasted 3 dif sources togather and never even bothered to make them fit with eachother..GAD!@

        • sorry for the oddball mistakes but coments box wasnt letting me go down lower then the sentance I was typing or go back up to see what I had typed.So all I could read was 3 sentences at a time it often happes to me..Any one else have that problem with the coments box??? Please sub. the word essay for esse and gave for agve lthat would be my mild dyslexea] and of course theres no @ at the end of GAD! otherwise carey on!

      • 14″ of snow last Thurs/Fri in Boston area,and the Deep Freeze that’s here ’til Thurs/Fri Jan 10.Anytime we went to FLA in Jan/Feb,we hit very cold temps a day or so before returning North.Hope citrus crop survives this time around.

  5. Neve,hope you are feeling much better,and anyone else that caught the flu.Freezing our hinnies off here in CT,too!Can’t wait for Spring,to heck with January Thaw,never trust it to happen.Interesting contribution from former Cyn Rathbone co-worker.Sounds like she was not well-looked after (can’t believe what it said both parents distanced from her).Sounded like (according to Baz’s memoir) that she was a take no cr_p from anyone type,and I don’t believe Baz as disinterested with her.As for the drink and drugs,surprises me,but the man did say this was the early 60s,so,maybe that is why she became sick so young.

    • Thanks for telling us that it was up..Cant truly belive Basil didnt care about Cyn..perhaps that is how the friend of hers saw it.But then which of us hasnt at some point had a friend who INSISTS there folks hate them..there from the pit of hades..there evil..and when you meet them there parents are realy likeable.Drink and that suprises me. the drink part less.Wiht Quida for a mom i’d drink too! I also noted the girl wrote they didnt care about her or each other..Not that i think Cyn was an angle..lots of kids go throug a period of rebelion…and they grow out of it….perhaps she didnt make it out of her’s,not that she would be the only hollyweird kid not to.Not then Not now.

      • Any child who had to live thru Hurricane Ouida,claws and all,and then the abrupt departure from Hollyweirdland for NYC and whatever dad can get for acting roles while mother dearest spends to spite/enslave dad when he should’ve left her out of spite.Think author of that comment on life/career of Cyn mistook mother’s indifference for that of both parents,too.Don’t understand what cafe society means,but this insight from co-worker really shows how sad a life that ended at 30 yrs of age could be for someone who prob was portrayed as priveledged.I’d hardly say any of her life was priveledge,but at least her adopted dad cared,still love that photo of them together,Baz looked so handsome,maybe Cyn’s smile was forced.Good way to remember them both.

  6. Anybody else freezing there behinds off? I had -5 on my front poarch last night.And thats with out the windchill thing..

    • The UK’s been reasonably mild, but we’ve had a never ending storm since December, so I guess that’s sort of just as bad.

  7. Here in the Nor-Cal Sierra foothills, we’re having a DROUGHT…it only snowed somewhat heavily ONCE before the holidays. There’s been NO serious rain for months, and it should be raining buckets, right now. When it DID rain, it was only light and fleeting. It’s been quite COLD though, lately—in the 20’s-30’s most nights/mornings. (It was in the 10’s-20’s for several DAYS, when it last snowed!) If we don’t get enough rain & snow soon, we’ll be in for another DRY and dangerous fire-season, this coming summer/autumn. YIKES!! :o

    • Well I’d be glad to share some of our snow, but just rember what happened to Basil when he trucked in a load of it..billy due Mr. Rathbone to the amount of $$$$$$.chhhh ching!Signed with love and we REALY mean that ..Mayor Lot.A. Graft ,of L.A…p.s. can i have an autograph,PELLLLEEESSSE,it’s for my kid. um sure.

  8. I guess I’ve been duly punished for my gloating over being delayed in Florida for 3 days. I have a return of the flu in my sinuses and ears (I can barely hear), and we’ve had brutal freezing temperatures.

  9. Anyone see the Sherlock documentary on PBS? A lot of it was about the new series with B. Cumberbatch (I completely missed season 2!), but some nice clips from the Rathbone films, especially The Woman in Green. It’s surprising how well it holds up after all these years.

  10. Glad You and the kitty are felling better.Cough syurp with Basil on it can be harmfull due to it becomeing habit forming..think i’ll take another look at that box..ah i ment take another spoonfull mom… All i got on my cough syrup is “family doller”.

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